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Summit TX25H Standard Tire - The Goodyear® R14T Hybrid Tire from Titan

The Goodyear R14T from Titan is a crossover tire line designed to perform in a variety of conditions and is the standard tire on all Summit TX25H Tractors. The industry-unique hybrid of different tread styles allows owners of compact tractors to enjoy the benefits of ag, turf and industrial tire designs. That means no more having to choose between those tread designs — R-1 (ag), R-3 (turf) or R-4 (industrial) — when picking a new compact tractor, changing out tires and wheels based on the application or running chains in challenging muddy or winter conditions. With the Goodyear R14T tire, customers get the traction and cleaning features of an R-1 with the wear and ride features of an R-4, along with the lessened ground disturbance of an R-3. From hard concrete surfaces to softer soils, snow and sensitive turf, the R14T is designed to perform in any conditions.

To help provide stability, improve safety and to optimize loader performance, the rears tires of every Summit TX25H Tractor are filled with RimGuard™ Liquid Tire Ballast.

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